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By: Mark Leondires, MD
November 25th, 2019

The first thing that I remember about Laura? It was her dedication. She spent a lot of time and had almost endless energy into her quest to become a parent. For instance, when she accepted that her weight was a contributing factor, she persevered, having regular appointments with the RMA of Connecticut nutritionist. She was a “patient” patient, despite numerous frustrating test results and disappointing outcomes.  I had no doubt that she would be an amazing parent. Laura’s kindness and sweetness were apparent even through her most discouraged and sad moments. Though she was not a parent already, she was a teacher, and her sheer will, force, and determination to become a mom was always obvious.   


By: Lisa Rosenthal
November 23rd, 2019

A fertility practice is an unlikely place to build a family through adoption, yes, definitely. But when I decided to write a blog in honor of National Adoption Awareness Month, it was with the idea of giving adoption a story, a personality, a face… rather than just explaining the process logistics. The story that always comes to mind when I think about adoption is a patient of RMA of Connecticut who became a friend of mine over 7 years ago.  Side note: I promise, I’ll also definitely share relevant and appropriate adoption resources. Look for those at the end of the blog!