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Our Response to the Alabama IVF Ruling

Our Patient Care Team

Genetic Counselor

Anthony Porto, M.S., LCGC

Anthony Porto, M.S., a certified genetic counselor, is a member of Illume Fertility's genetic counseling team, bringing expertise and knowledge that will serve any patient looking to understand and explore their options.

Working closely with patients to help them better understand their genetic testing results and make the best decisions for their family, Porto offers both compassion and a wealth of knowledge.

As a genetic counselor, he helps obtain detailed health and family histories, identify conditions with genetic components and risk factors, discuss inheritance patterns, and provide information regarding genetic testing options. Once test results are in hand, he works with patients to empower them with non-directive counsel and provide support as they make their decisions.

patient testimonials

“Through genetic testing, I learned things about my genetic makeup I never would have guessed. Having this information reassured me that I was doing all I could to have a healthy baby.”

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Porto earned his Bachelor of Arts in both Genetics and Psychology at Rutgers University and went on to earn his Masters in Genetic Counseling from Northwestern University. He is a member of the National Society of Genetic Counselors (NSGC) and NSGC’s Assisted Reproductive Technologies/Infertility SIG.

In his spare time, Porto enjoys outdoor activities like hiking, rock climbing, and camping. 

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