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Our Response to the Alabama IVF Ruling

Infertility & Pregnancy


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Fertility FAQs

Illume Fertility's physicians and clinical staff have used their knowledge and expertise to answer some of the most common questions about infertility, trying to conceive and more.

Is infertility solely a "women’s problem?"

How long should we try before we see a doctor?

What time of the month is a woman most fertile?

How can a woman tell if she ovulates?

What fertility testing should our fertility doctor perform?

Are hot tubs really bad for a man?

What can we do to increase our chances of conceiving?

What are some other good infertility resources?

Frequently Asked Questions

About Pregnancy

Pregnancy after infertility is exciting, but it can also feel overwhelming for many parents-to-be who have struggled with fertility. We have compiled this list of our patients’ most frequently asked questions to provide guidance during the early weeks and months of your pregnancy. Have a question not answered here? Feel free to call your nurse with any additional concerns.

When should I make my first OB/GYN appointment?

Does infertility mean I'll have a high risk pregnancy?

Will I ever be able to conceive on my own in the future?

When do I "graduate" from Illume Fertility?

Is it safe to color/highlight my hair while pregnant?

Is acupuncture safe for pregnancy?

What is a "geriatric" pregnancy?

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