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Our Patient Care Team

Physician Assistant

Diana D'Amelio

Our resident Physician Assistant, Diana D’Amelio, RPA-C, serves multiple functions at the Norwalk, Danbury, Trumbull and Stamford offices of Illume Fertility.

As a clinician, she sees patients and performs physicals and procedures such as endometrial biopsies, ultrasounds, hysterosalpingograms and saline sonograms.

In addition to reproductive medicine patients, she sees many of the PCOS adolescent population. Diana often does morning monitoring for our patients and evaluates oocyte donors.


“I love meeting new patients and feel honored to be able to participate in their exciting journey from the initial testing to the final pregnancy scan. I feel blessed to be able to work with people who are at their most vulnerable - who need not only medical care but compassion for what they are going through.”

Learn More About Diana

Diana received her undergraduate degree in biology from Cornell University and completed the Surgeon’s Assistant Program at Cornell University Medical College.

She has practiced in the field of infertility since 1993.

"My hope is that by doing these diagnostic tests, ultrasounds to see the follicles growing, pregnancy scans and other procedures, I’m contributing to helping someone achieve the joyful outcome of a healthy baby," she says.


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