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Become An Egg Donor

Healthy women of all ethnicities are needed as egg donors.

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Explore your potential as an egg donor at Illume Fertility

Women who choose to become egg donors are also choosing to change lives. Donors give recipients the chance to start a family. And they might also be making their own dreams come true.

For some donors, it's about helping a family overcome infertility. For others, this is about financial independence and freedom. There are many reasons to become an egg donor.

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Egg Donor Requirements

To become an egg donor at Illume Fertility, you will complete a thorough questionnaire that will include questions about:

Your family history


Your personal medical history


Your lifestyle choices


Any personal achievements you want to share


Why you're interested in becoming an egg donor

Egg donors are screened for infectious diseases, genetic conditions, and gynecologic health. 

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Your Financial Opportunities

In addition to helping someone create the family of their dreams, there are financial benefits to becoming an egg donor at Illume Fertility.

As an egg donor, you will receive:

A free physical exam


Pap smear


Chromosome analysis


Genetic testing


$10,000 for your time & commitment

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Perks of Being an Illume Fertility Egg Donor

After your fourth cycle, you will be eligible for your own free egg freezing cycle at Illume Fertility! If you refer a friend to our egg donor program, you may receive an additional $500 once they are accepted into our donor pool. Contact us to learn more.

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Being an Egg Donor at Illume Fertility

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Here are your next steps to becoming an egg donor at Illume Fertility:

Egg Donor FAQs

Explore the most frequently asked questions about becoming an egg donor at Illume Fertility.

Will donating eggs affect my own future fertility?

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What are the side effects of egg retrieval?

What does the egg donation process look like?

What does the screening process look like?

Why is the screening process so rigorous?

What is the standard criteria for becoming an egg donor?

Ready to help make dreams come true?

Reach out to learn more about becoming an egg donor with Illume Fertility.

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