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Our Response to the Alabama IVF Ruling

Explore our Genetic Testing Panels

Understand your options and the benefits of genetic testing.

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Explore Your Genetic Testing Options

Our board-certified Reproductive Endocrinologists can recommend which genetic testing panels should be ordered for you and/or your partner, which will typically follow the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology (ACOG)'s recommendations.

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Get to know our genetic experts

Our team of in-house certified genetic counselors are trained to identify conditions with genetic components and risk factors, discuss inheritance patterns, and provide information regarding genetic testing options.

After test results are obtained, they empower patients with non-directive counsel and provide support as they make their decisions.

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Ready to take the next step?

Getting started is simple. Here’s what lies ahead:

Genetic Testing Success Stories

“Genetic testing saved us from even more heartache. It gave us vital information about our own genetics and how best to move forward, given that one of us has a genetic disorder we want to protect our future child from inheriting.”

“Through genetic testing, I learned things about my genetic makeup I never would have guessed. Having this information reassured me that I was doing all I could to have a healthy baby.”

“Our genetic counselor was so helpful in explaining our test results and helping us find the best way to move forward with our genetic concerns in mind. We are so grateful!”

Genetic Testing FAQs

Explore the most common questions about genetic testing. Still have questions? Ask Nurse Practitioner Monica Moore!

Should I get genetic testing before seeking fertility treatment?

What happens if I or my partner carry a genetic disorder?

How does genetic testing work?

Does being a “carrier” for a disorder mean that my baby will have it?

What if I already know I have a genetic disorder?

What can I expect at an appointment with my genetic counselor?

Does insurance cover genetic testing?

How likely is it that I’m a carrier for any genetic disorders?

Explore your genetics and get empowered for the journey ahead

Knowledge is power, and Illume Fertility’s team is ready to help you learn more about your own genetics so you can find a path that’s designed for your individual health history and goals.

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