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Our Doctors Respond to Roe v. Wade News

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At Illume Fertility, we believe that knowledge is power and knowing what lies ahead can make your journey less stressful. Explore the resources below to learn about all things fertility!


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Can STIs Affect My Fertility? Here's What to Know

Let's talk about the link between sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and infertility, what it means to be sexually healthy, and how to stay safe. 

8 min read

10 Easy PCOS Snack Ideas From a Nutrition Expert

Want to learn how to nourish your body in PCOS-friendly way? Nutritionist Jill Hickey offers a variety of simple, delicious snack ideas to do just...

8 min read

Meet Illume Fertility's PCOS Program and Team

The key to PCOS management is having the right experts on your side! Get to know our multidisciplinary team who help teens and adults thrive with...

8 min read

Dr. Leondires Receives Crain’s 2022 Notable Healthcare Leaders Award

Illume Fertility's Founder and Medical Director is honored for his consummate leadership, pioneering accomplishments and ability to adjust to...

3 min read

Navigating the Complex Emotions of Infertility | Sarah's Story

After 6 years of TTC, including multiple miscarriages, IVF cycles, and countless tests and appointments, IVF warrior Sarah shares her fertility...

6 min read

TWW, IVF, IDK: The Ultimate Guide To Fertility Acronyms

The language of infertility can be confusing! Learn these common fertility acronyms and terms so you can feel more empowered throughout your journey.

12 min read

IVF Success After Endometriosis | Nicole's Story

After struggling with infertility and being diagnosed with endometriosis, Nicole shares the story of how she and her husband found success through...

6 min read

A Fertility Clinic Team Reveals Their Best Tips for Patients

Fertility doctors, nurses and other professionals offer helpful advice and insight for patients on how to have the smoothest fertility journey...

11 min read

Trying to Conceive? 10 Expert Tips for Picking a Prenatal Vitamin

Get a fertility nutritionist's top ten tips for picking the perfect prenatal vitamin to help you have the healthiest pregnancy and baby possible. 

6 min read

[VIDEO] Doctors Discuss the Fertility Clinic to OB/GYN Transition

You're finally what? Fertility specialist Dr. Josh Hurwitz and OB/GYN Dr. Shieva Ghofrany talk about the big transition from clinic to...

3 min read

Why I Chose to Freeze My Eggs at Age 27: Alex's Story

Alex, a 27-year old medical student, shares how and why she made the decision to undergo an egg freezing cycle while she was still in her twenties.

16 min read

20 Experts Share Ways to Advocate for Yourself On a Fertility Journey

Learning how to advocate for yourself is a skill that takes practice. Get advice from expert fertility advocates about how to take charge of your...

21 min read