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Trying to conceive?

Infertility Support Groups & Events

Connect with other fertility patients and build community.

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Don't go through this alone.

Get support from fellow patients and professionals who understand the unique challenges of a fertility journey, learn new coping skills, establish relationships, and find comfort in meeting and sharing with others who are facing similar fertility challenges.

Your nurse or patient navigator can provide additional information about any groups that may be helpful to you and your partner.

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Fertility Patients Share Their Experience

“None of my friends understand what I’ve been through, either because they got pregnant quickly or haven’t started trying yet. Finding these ladies helped me more than I ever could have imagined. They were there for me at my darkest points and never judged, because they understood exactly what it’s like."

“The first time I came to a support group and I heard we would make some lifelong friends I didn’t believe it. I thought I’d come to the groups, maybe find some common ground with the infertility then go home and that be it...but they were right. I made some amazing friends here.”

“I never had to explain or edit myself to the friends I made on this journey. I never once apologized for the things that I was feeling, I never had to make up excuses or pretend like everything was okay, I came as I was to these support groups, and I was validated.”

How to Join our Support Groups

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Our events calendar is updated regularly with support groups and yoga classes offered weekly, so you can find one that works best for you.


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Registration is required to join any support groups or yoga classes in order to maintain a safe, private space for people to share.


Meet & Share

Find comfort in connecting with others facing similar fertility and family-building challenges to create friendships that last a lifetime.

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More Support Options

Explore Our Integrated Fertility & Wellness Program

Get additional support for your fertility journey by exploring acupuncture, nutrition, counseling and more, all offered by our in-house Integrated Fertility and Wellness professionals.

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Infertility Support Group FAQs

Explore the most frequently asked questions about our support groups and learn more about what they can offer you.

Are Illume Fertility’s support groups for current patients only?

I don’t feel comfortable sharing my feelings in a group. Are there any options for me?

Do you have support groups for individuals and for couples?

Can I attend your support groups if I am already a parent?

Do you have to pay for any of these support groups or Fertile Yoga?

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Our team of board-certified reproductive endocrinologists, wellness professionals and staff are here to support you throughout your fertility journey. Take the first step by scheduling your consult today to learn how Illume Fertility can help you achieve your goals and provide comprehensive support.

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