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Everything you need to know about reproductive health, fertility testing, fertility treatment (like IUI and IVF) and how to navigate fertility challenges.

Lisa Rosenthal

With 35+ years experience in the fertility field, as well as navigating her own infertility, Lisa has dedicated her life to advocating for and supporting those struggling to grow their families. Her work includes serving as Illume Fertility's Patient Advocate, Strategic Content Lead, and founder of Fertile Yoga, as well as advocating for those with infertility at RESOLVE, Resolve New England, and other organizations.


By: Lisa Rosenthal
May 28th, 2020

What Will Infertility Advocacy Do For YOU? On a personal level, for everyone reading this, whether it’s infertility or any other topic, one basic thing an advocacy effort can accomplish is to help pass laws. It’s simple, but it doesn’t sound personal or individual, does it? It sounds legislative because, for fertility treatment and advocacy, that’s where legal and lasting change can occur. Davina Fankhauser, Co-Founder of Fertility Within Reach, a not-for-profit organization dedicated to help people find a way to build their families, says it best, “Being your own best advocate was the first tagline for Fertility Within Reach. Moving from “victim” to “empowered advocate” is good for the body, mind, and soul. It’s contagious in that you will apply using your voice to other areas in your life. You will improve your life and the lives of others.”


By: Lisa Rosenthal
May 5th, 2020

RESOLVE's Advocacy Day 2020 will hold on firmly to a place in history: it’s the first time we’ll be gathering together… from our homes rather than the Capitol. It’s an unprecedented move that we hope will bring out even more advocates to fight for reproductive rights.


By: Lisa Rosenthal
April 2nd, 2020

What is PCOS? The official definition of PCOS is this –

Fertility Treatment

By: Lisa Rosenthal
March 31st, 2020

As the COVID-19 virus rages around us, there’s a seemingly interminable list of concerns to consider.

Infertility Coverage | Advocacy | Affording Treatment

By: Lisa Rosenthal
January 22nd, 2020

There are fertility warriors that walk amongst us. In fact, the list gets longer and longer each day. There are also fertility heroes too... a slightly different breed.

News | IVF

By: Lisa Rosenthal
January 6th, 2020

2020 is starting off with great news (think fireworks!) for the 1 in 8 New York couples who need fertility treatment to build a family. This celebration is specifically for those who need in-vitro fertilization (IVF) and fertility preservation coverage. Thanks to a bill passed last year in New York and having taken effect on January 1, 2020, residents of the state went from no IVF coverage to three cycles covered by insurance!


By: Lisa Rosenthal
December 24th, 2019

“Happy New Year.” Is that even a thing when you’re focused on #TTC, fertility treatments, and appointment times? When nothing seems to be working, and it hasn’t been working, even though you were hoping and praying that 2019 would be your year?