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Our Doctors Respond to Roe v. Wade News

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Virginia Hamilton Furnari

Virginia Hamilton Furnari is Illume Fertility's former Brand Specialist and has a background in writing, marketing, and content production. In addition to helping mold the Illume Fertility brand through blogs, videos, and events, she was also a patient and has undergone many fertility treatments. Given her professional and personal involvement in the fertility community, she has immersed her mind, body, and soul in family-building education.

By: Virginia Hamilton Furnari
July 15th, 2021

When you experience difficulty conceiving Baby #2 after having a relatively easy time getting pregnant with Baby #1, it can be shocking, confusing, and heartbreaking. There might even be a lingering sense of guilt: "Well, I already have a child, so I should just be happy."

Infertility | Fertility Treatment

By: Virginia Hamilton Furnari
April 9th, 2021

The RMA offices have been feeling a bit lonely without the constant greetings of our patients coming and going every day. Due to COVID protocols, more and more appointments are being held over Zoom in order to keep everyone safe, so we thought that for those of you who don't get to frequent our hallways as much anymore, we would bring the office to you! Karen Jeffries, aka Hilariously Infertile (@hilariouslyinfertile), is an infertility advocate and social influencer. She joined us at the beginning of 2020 (hence the lack of masks) for a behind the scenes look at our fertility practice. She takes the viewer everywhere - from the waiting room to exam room and even the "production room," all while dropping hilarious truths about the fertility process. As the tour progresses, Karen reflects on her abilities (and inabilities) to administer some of the necessary tasks of treatment. Join her and her laugh-out-loud one-liners on a grand tour of a fertility clinic!

Our Doctors

By: Virginia Hamilton Furnari
January 28th, 2021

For many years now, our doctors here at RMA of Connecticut have been awarded the great honor of 2021 Top Doc from Castle Connolly. And to be honest, as a past patient and now a coworker who has seen both sides of their work ethic, there has never been a more well-deserved distinction.

Fertility Treatment

By: Virginia Hamilton Furnari
January 12th, 2021

So, you’ve booked your first fertility consultation. Congratulations! This is one of the toughest hurdles in the whole journey. Committing yourself to the process is a great feat, and we’re all so proud of you for doing that.


By: Virginia Hamilton Furnari
November 16th, 2020

It’s the IVF outcome you don’t ever want to think about.