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Infertility | Fertility Basics | Fertility Treatment | Fertility Testing

By: Sierra Dehmler
August 24th, 2022

When you enter the world of infertility, you're forced to learn an entirely new language in order to understand your results, advocate for yourself, and communicate with your team. But getting all this new terminology under your belt can be confusing! Let's explore the most common fertility acronyms and terms so you can feel more empowered on your journey.

Infertility | Fertility Basics

By: Lisa Rosenthal
May 26th, 2022

For decades, patients have come to fertility clinics for help growing their families, whether it be their first child or their next child. The terms "primary infertility" and "secondary infertility" are often thrown around in the fertility world, but what do those with primary and secondary infertility have in common and where do the similarities end?

Infertility | IVF | Patient Stories

By: Anonymous Patient
May 7th, 2021

As I sit here assembling my daughter’s scrapbook with Mother’s Day in the air, the onslaught of picture-driven memories reminds me what a wild year it has been. My daughter, Emily, we’ll call her, is just one year old now, and I think back to last Mother’s Day when I held my teeny, tiny newborn for the first time. A true gift after miscarriage, fertility struggles, and ultimately, IVF. Let’s be clear, here - I am NOT a scrapbooker. This is hard work for me, and I don’t really enjoy the act of it. Do I enjoy seeing the progression of my daughter’s first year of life, from squishy newborn to stumbling almost-toddler? Sure! But I don’t enjoy the stickers and the exclamation points and the glue…in fact, I’ve decided to go the old school route of scrapbooking. I bought the same style of scrapbook that my mother used for all of our scrapbooks. She had four of us, and she managed to create multiple volumes for each child. My mother was the original anti-scrapbooker who mastered scrapbooking. With four kids and a full-time job, she didn’t have time for 3D stickers and fru-frus. She swore by the good ol’ cellophane peel-back style photo books where you slap down a photo and voila, it sticks. You can write a caption...or not. You can add some flare…or not. You can smooth out the wrinkles in the cellophane…or not. She figured it out, so the pressure is on. I only have one child right now, after all.

Infertility | Fertility Treatment

By: Virginia Hamilton Furnari
April 9th, 2021

The RMA offices have been feeling a bit lonely without the constant greetings of our patients coming and going every day. Due to COVID protocols, more and more appointments are being held over Zoom in order to keep everyone safe, so we thought that for those of you who don't get to frequent our hallways as much anymore, we would bring the office to you! Karen Jeffries, aka Hilariously Infertile (@hilariouslyinfertile), is an infertility advocate and social influencer. She joined us at the beginning of 2020 (hence the lack of masks) for a behind the scenes look at our fertility practice. She takes the viewer everywhere - from the waiting room to exam room and even the "production room," all while dropping hilarious truths about the fertility process. As the tour progresses, Karen reflects on her abilities (and inabilities) to administer some of the necessary tasks of treatment. Join her and her laugh-out-loud one-liners on a grand tour of a fertility clinic!


By: Illume Fertility Care Team
February 5th, 2021

Historically, the Black community has been underserved in the fertility world, even though married Black women deal with infertility at a rate two times that of white women and their partners. 

Infertility | Fertility Treatment

By: Emma Lott
November 10th, 2020

For most of us, this year (2020) has been dominated by a running list of things that “just don’t feel like they used to.” From daily changes like wearing a mask in public, to bigger moments like forgoing large family gatherings and not blowing out birthday candles, it seems like many of our memories this year are shadows of their former selves. To add to the upside down nature of our lives right now, infertility can be an overwhelming journey in its own right.