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Everything you need to know about reproductive health, fertility testing, fertility treatment (like IUI and IVF) and how to navigate fertility challenges.

Male Infertility | IVF | Pregnancy & Infant Loss

By: Sierra Dehmler
October 25th, 2023

After many difficult years of infertility, pregnancy losses, and disappointment, Alyson shares how she and her husband Jared finally found their path to parenthood.

Infertility Awareness | Mental Health | Pregnancy & Infant Loss

By: Joshua Hurwitz, MD
October 24th, 2023

One of the hardest realities to confront on a fertility journey is the possibility of miscarriage. With around 25% of recognized pregnancies ending in loss, miscarriages are much more common than we think. But why do some people experience recurrent pregnancy loss?

PCOS | IUI | Patient Stories | Pregnancy & Infant Loss

By: Sierra Dehmler
September 7th, 2023

After years of trying to conceive, pregnancy loss, and uncertainty, a fertility warrior shares the incredible story of how her rainbow baby came to be and what she learned along the way.

IVF | Genetic Testing | Pregnancy & Infant Loss

By: Sierra Dehmler
April 26th, 2023

When their son Wyatt was only seven months old, Anna and her husband discovered he had an incurable genetic condition called Alper's Disease. Devastated by his diagnosis and worried about their future children being affected, the couple sought genetic counseling and IVF treatment. What follows is their story of grief, love, courage and joy.

Infertility | Mental Health | Pregnancy & Infant Loss

By: Lisa Rosenthal
March 31st, 2023

Pregnancy loss is finally being talked about more openly, and it’s normal to have questions about how to process grief around this heartbreaking experience. You likely felt so much hope, happiness and anticipation when you found out you were pregnant, and now you're suddenly trying to make sense of what happened.

Mental Health | Pregnancy & Infant Loss

By: Lisa Rosenthal
October 12th, 2022

October is a time of year where the seasons change, temperatures start to dip, and we transition into fall - a season so different than the one before. Perfectly fitting that October is Pregnancy & Infant Loss Awareness Month, a time for open conversation and exploring the range of emotions that the loss of a pregnancy or child leaves in our lives.

Male Infertility | IVF | Patient Stories | Pregnancy & Infant Loss

By: Sierra Dehmler
September 2nd, 2022

When Sarah and her husband began trying to conceive six years ago, they never imagined they'd end up needing the help of fertility treatment. After a long, winding road through multiple pregnancy losses, egg retrievals, embryo transfers, and countless tests and appointments, Sarah shares how this journey has shifted her perspective and turned her into a courageous fertility advocate - as well as what's next for their family.

IVF | Patient Stories | Pregnancy & Infant Loss

By: Sierra Dehmler
February 7th, 2022

While every fertility patient's journey is different, there's one thing they all typically have in common: none of them expected to need the help of fertility treatments, doctors and an entire team of healthcare professionals in order to have a baby. In this story, Illume Fertility mom Azana shares the highs and lows of her experience and what she learned along her unique path to motherhood.