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Everything you need to know about reproductive health, fertility testing, fertility treatment (like IUI and IVF) and how to navigate fertility challenges.

Infertility Awareness | Advocacy | Community | BIPOC

By: Thelma Osei, NP
February 5th, 2024

While Black women are almost twice as likely to experience infertility, only 8% actually seek fertility treatment (compared to 15% of white women). Statistics like these, compounded by the fact that Black women are three times as likely to die from pregnancy-related causes, highlight inequalities in reproductive healthcare that must be addressed.

Infertility Awareness | Advocacy

By: Ilana Ressler, MD, FACOG
October 27th, 2023

Rebecca* is a wife, a mother, and a practicing Orthodox Jew. She is also among the 11 percent of women in the United States who have experienced infertility.

Infertility Awareness | Mental Health | Pregnancy & Infant Loss

By: Joshua Hurwitz, MD
October 24th, 2023

One of the hardest realities to confront on a fertility journey is the possibility of miscarriage. With around 25% of recognized pregnancies ending in loss, miscarriages are much more common than we think. But why do some people experience recurrent pregnancy loss?

Infertility Awareness | Men's Health | Mental Health

By: Sierra Dehmler
June 15th, 2023

While the physical burden of fertility treatment typically rests on the female partner in a relationship, men are primarily expected to provide support to them throughout the process. But fertility struggles affect men in different ways - and their experience matters too.

Infertility Awareness | Mental Health

By: Monica Moore, MSN, APRN
May 11th, 2023

No matter where you are on your family-building journey, holidays like Mother's Day can sting. If you're still in the trenches of trying to conceive, navigating fertility treatment or coping with losses, this day is even harder. Here are some words of comfort from a veteran fertility nurse.

Infertility Awareness | Fertility Treatment | Patient Stories

By: Alexander Kucherov, MD, FACOG
April 28th, 2023

As a fertility specialist, I never expected to encounter my own roadblocks when my wife and I decided to grow our family. While it wasn't an easy journey, it allowed me to gain a new perspective on infertility that has given me even more compassion for my patients.

PCOS | Infertility Awareness | IUI | Advocacy

By: Sierra Dehmler
April 24th, 2023

For those who struggle to grow their families, it's hard to imagine ever being able to conceive without the help of fertility treatment. But for some, a spontaneous, surprise pregnancy comes after infertility. Mayra shares her journey through infertility and what happened next.

Infertility Awareness | Endometriosis

By: Shaun Williams, MD, FACOG
March 9th, 2023

Endometriosis can be a challenging condition to navigate, and it's often difficult to find the answers you need. Let's explore the most common endometriosis symptoms, treatment options and the emotional impact of living with this often painful disease with the help of Casey Berna, an advocate and counselor in the endometriosis community.