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cancer | Fertility Preservation | men's health | Mental Health

By: Dr. Spencer Richlin
November 17th, 2022

During the month of November, you may see some men growing out beards and mustaches in support of “Movember.” But what is Movember, and what exactly are we raising awareness for? Let's talk about it!

Male Infertility | men's health

By: Lisa Rosenthal
June 17th, 2022

Father’s Day can be an exceptionally tough day for men who are still trying to conceive or experiencing infertility. Similar to how Mother’s Day affects women, hopeful fathers may find this holiday very difficult to navigate. As a partner, how can you show your love and support around Father's Day? Keep reading for some helpful ideas.

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cancer | men's health | Fertility Testing

By: Sierra Dehmler
November 19th, 2021

When it comes to the language of fertility, we have to admit – a lot of the lingo tends to favor the ladies’ side of the equation. From AMH levels, to basal body temperature, to cycles, moms-to-be have a whole list of ABCs to learn as they go through treatment.

Male Infertility | men's health | Reproductive Health | Fertility Testing

By: Dr. Shaun Williams
June 3rd, 2021

June is Men’s Health Month, and according to the American Society for Reproductive Medicine, male factor infertility issues account for 40% of all infertility problems. For those looking to conceive, the information may seem overwhelming, but it's often the most simple lifestyle changes that can improve sperm counts. With that in mind, and in the spirit of Men's Health Month, here are the top seven lifestyle tips for men that can help improve their overall well-being, including their fertility potential.

men's health | Mental Health

By: Lisa Schuman, LCSW
June 19th, 2020

When you're trying to conceive or dealing with infertility, holidays like Father's Day often bring up a lot of challenging feelings. Stress and tension in your relationship can rise, and it can feel hard to navigate a day that reminds you of everything you're not (at least, not yet).

men's health

By: Lisa Rosenthal
June 16th, 2020

June is Men’s Health Month, but how much do you know about the reproductive aspects of your health, or your partners? If you're like most people, you might know the basics, but this is a perfect opportunity to take a deeper dive and understand what is fact, and what is fiction. For example, do you know about 40% of all couples affected by infertility is attributed to “male factor,” a term that simply means there is a glitch or problem with one of the two cells needed for conception – the sperm?