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Fertility Blog

Fertility Blog by Illume Fertility

Everything you need to know about reproductive health, fertility testing, fertility treatment (like IUI and IVF) and how to navigate fertility challenges.

Sierra Dehmler

Sierra Dehmler is Illume Fertility’s Content Marketing Manager - and also a fertility patient herself. Combining empathy gained on her personal journey with her professional experience in marketing and content creation, she aims to empower and support other fertility patients by demystifying the fertility treatment process.

Male Infertility | PCOS | IVF | IUI

By: Sierra Dehmler
September 15th, 2023

i When hopeful parents Kristen and Jeff began trying to conceive, they never expected the journey would involve a team of doctors and fertility treatment. This is their story.

PCOS | Pregnancy Loss | IUI | Patient Stories

By: Sierra Dehmler
September 7th, 2023

After years of trying to conceive, pregnancy loss, and uncertainty, a fertility warrior shares the incredible story of how her rainbow baby came to be and what she learned along the way.

PCOS | Reproductive Health | Choosing a Clinic

By: Sierra Dehmler
September 1st, 2023

Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) can be a life-altering diagnosis with symptoms that are difficult to manage - especially without proper guidance. For the up to 15% of women who struggle with the condition, finding the right support can spell the difference between surviving and thriving with PCOS.

Advocacy | Community

By: Sierra Dehmler
August 29th, 2023

After decades of advocacy work in the fertility and family-building space, Illume Fertility's Patient Advocate Lisa Rosenthal is being recognized with a prestigious RESOLVE Hope Award.

Unexplained Infertility | Donor Conception | IVF | Egg Donor | Patient Stories

By: Sierra Dehmler
August 11th, 2023

Considering egg donation as a method of building your family? Wondering how the process actually works? In this story, Rebecca shares why she and her husband chose to pursue egg donor IVF, the challenges they encountered, and how it led them to parenthood.

Infertility | IVF

By: Sierra Dehmler
July 25th, 2023

Thanks to amazing advances in reproductive medicine, the in vitro fertilization (IVF) process has become a widely used and highly effective method for achieving personal family-building goals. While you or someone you love may have benefited from this evolution in fertility treatment, have you ever stopped to consider how the method became so successful?

Lab Procedures | IVF

By: Sierra Dehmler
July 19th, 2023

The world of embryology is both fascinating and mindblowing, leaving many fertility patients wondering how it all happens. The life-changing work that embryologists do each day make amazing things like IVF possible - and now, they're answering your top embryology questions!

Fertility Treatment | IVF

By: Sierra Dehmler
July 14th, 2023

It's finally the day of your embryo transfer - you've worked so hard to get here! If you have some lingering questions (maybe even a few you're embarrassed to ask), you're in the right place. Here are the answers to the most frequently asked questions about embryo transfers!