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Fertility Blog by Illume Fertility

Everything you need to know about reproductive health, fertility testing, fertility treatment (like IUI and IVF) and how to navigate fertility challenges.

Sierra Dehmler

Sierra Dehmler is Illume Fertility’s Content Marketing Manager - and also a fertility patient herself. Combining empathy gained on her personal journey with her professional experience in marketing and content creation, she aims to empower and support other fertility patients by demystifying the fertility treatment process.

Wellness | Fertility Treatment | Mental Health

By: Sierra Dehmler
February 19th, 2024

Finding ways to stay connected with loved ones while navigating the stress of fertility treatment can be incredibly difficult - but here's why making the effort is so important.

Donor Conception | Egg Donor | Advocacy | BIPOC

By: Sierra Dehmler
February 16th, 2024

All too often, Black women experiencing infertility who need the help of an egg or sperm donor soon face another barrier to building their family - a lack of diversity in available donors. A three-time egg donor shares her experience in the hopes that it encourages other women of color to consider donating too.

IVF | Advocacy | Affording Treatment

By: Sierra Dehmler
January 15th, 2024

Even with 1 in 6 couples facing infertility, many insurance providers exclude or limit coverage for this treatable condition - meaning many people don't even get the chance to start their family. Organizations like the Nest Egg Foundation are stepping up to help.

Wellness | Support | Fertility Treatment

By: Sierra Dehmler
December 31st, 2023

After you come to terms with the fact that the path to parenthood is going to be more complex, you’re faced with another challenge – absorbing lots of new information and working with a team of people to help make your dream come true. Learn how Illume's unique approach to patient care helps you achieve your goals with layered support.

Affording Treatment

By: Sierra Dehmler
December 29th, 2023

Understanding which fertility benefits your insurance provider offers (if any) can be a daunting process. Even when your fertility clinic verifies coverage, it's important to call your insurance company to confirm all the details and ask any additional questions you may have.

Pregnancy Loss | IVF | Patient Stories

By: Sierra Dehmler
December 14th, 2023

From the beginning, Deanna and Justin knew they wanted to build a family together - but life had other plans. This is their story of heartbreak, hope, and how their perseverance led to their dreams finally coming true.

Support | Fertility Treatment | IVF

By: Sierra Dehmler
December 5th, 2023

While IVF an amazing process that results in the birth of thousands of long-awaited babies each year, it's also physically and emotionally taxing. These practical, comforting gift ideas from a former fertility patient will help make the experience just a little easier.

Cancer | Advocacy | Community

By: Sierra Dehmler
December 4th, 2023

Pie: good. Pie for charity? Delicious! Learn how Dr. Ilana Ressler is helping raise awareness for breast and ovarian cancer while supporting the Westchester community this holiday season. Skip to section: Raising Awareness Through Baking Taking Action in a Tangible Way Get to Know Sharsheret Supporting the Jewish Community What is Pies for Prevention? How to Order Your Pie