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The Ultimate IVF Gift Guide for Fertility Warriors

December 17th, 2021 | 10 min. read

The Ultimate IVF Gift Guide for Fertility Warriors
Sierra Dehmler

Sierra Dehmler

Sierra Dehmler is Illume Fertility’s Content Marketing Manager - and also a fertility patient herself. Combining empathy gained on her personal journey with her professional experience in marketing and content creation, she aims to empower and support other fertility patients by demystifying the fertility treatment process.

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As anyone who's been through in vitro fertilization (IVF) treatment will tell you - it's no walk in the park! It's an amazing process that results in the birth of thousands of beautiful, long-awaited babies each year, but it's also very physically and emotionally taxing.

We asked IVF veteran Katie what she would recommend as the best gifts for those going through treatment, and she helped us compile this ultimate gift guide for IVF warriors!

Whether you're looking for must-have items for yourself as you start a cycle or want to show someone how much you care as they navigate their own IVF journey, there's something for everyone on this list. 

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Meet IVF Warrior Katie

Katie is a current patient at RMA of Connecticut who began her fertility journey back in 2017. She is in the middle of her fourth IVF cycle, preparing for her fourth embryo transfer. Needless to say...she knows what an IVF warrior needs!

Read on for her top picks at each stage of the process (or explore the full gift guide here). 

⭐ Fun Fact: Katie is also our Senior Marketing Manager here at RMA of CT! Read her story here or follow her IVF journey on our socials to learn more. 


IVF Protocol & Planning Gift Ideas 

Pill Box

During your IVF protocol, you’re taking multiple pills a day. To help you stay on track, organized, and on time with your protocol, grab a colorful pill box! These individual daily day/night pill containers also make traveling with meds a whole lot easier.

Fertility Affirmation Cards

These fertility-focused affirmation cards are perfect at any point during IVF, but especially during periods of waiting or anxiousness. With reminders like "I trust my body," these cards help to reinforce that you are capable and worthy of having a baby - and you can do this.

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IVF Planner

Created by fertility experts, this IVF-specific planner acts as a comprehensive guide for your fertility journey, complete with coping strategies and treatment plan support!

Gel Hot/Cold Packs

To numb your injection site before progesterone in oil (PIO) shots, place a cold pack on the area. After injection, a heated pack helps the PIO disperse in the muscle so it doesn’t stay in one place.

Fun Band-Aids

Listen, if you have to go through all these injections, you definitely deserve some fun, colorful Band-Aids! 

IVF Medicine Pouch

This cute, customizable zippered pouch is perfect for storing IVF protocol supplies: needles, alcohol swabs or other items you may need during the stimulation phase of your journey.

IVF Milestone Cards

If you're comfortable sharing your story and want to document the process, these beautiful, wooden IVF milestone cards help commemorate each part of your journey. 

Read about Katie's journey to her rainbow baby & beyond: 

Katie's Story (Part 1)


Embryo Transfer Day Gifts

Transfer Day Socks

Show up to your transfer in style with some “good luck” confidence-boosting socks. There are many socks with humorous IVF sayings, but if you prefer a simple print, pineapples are a classic choice.

Pineapple Jewelry

Wearing a good luck charm on transfer day certainly can't hurt! There are plenty of beautiful IVF and fertility-related necklaces and bracelets to choose from, many of which were created especially to encourage IVF warriors. 

🍍 Did you know? The pineapple is a symbol embraced by the fertility community. The idea behind it is that pineapple core contains an enzyme called bromelain, which some theorize could help with implantation on embryo transfer day. While there's no research to back that theory up, we agree that pineapple is a delicious treat on transfer day.

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Soft Blanket

Yep, the name of the game on embryo transfer day is COZY. On this milestone day, you deserve to feel as comfortable and relaxed as possible! A soft, warm blanket is the perfect thing to cuddle up under pre or post-transfer. 

Meal Delivery

Take one thing off your plate after transfer day by ordering in using a service like DoorDash! This is a great gift card idea for anyone around transfer day (or at any point during IVF). 

Cozy Pajamas

After your embryo transfer, there's nothing better than putting on some comfy, soft pajamas and curling up on the couch with your favorite show. 

How does IVF really work?!

IVF Step by Step Guide

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Gifts for Getting Through the Two Week Wait

Any fertility warrior will tell you just how difficult the dreaded "two week wait" is. For those not in the know, the two week wait is the time period between ovulation, an embryo transfer or day of your intrauterine insemination (IUI) where you're waiting to be able to take a pregnancy test. 

This time is filled with uncertainty and anxiety for most who are trying to conceive - so distraction is key to help make the time go by faster. Here are some must-have items to help you get through the two week wait just a little easier. 

Embroidery Starter Kit

Creativity is a great way to help distract yourself and ease your mind while in the two week wait. Picking up a new hobby like embroidery keeps your hands and mind busy.

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Coloring & Lettering Kits

The two week wait is a great time to practice a new skill like lettering or calligraphy, or simply keep your brain focused on something simple like coloring. There are lots of options, from IVF and fertility-focused coloring books to traditional coloring books. Fellow fertility warrior Sarah Shockley even created a coloring book specifically for the two week wait!

Be sure to pick up a pack of colored pencils or pens too!

Fertility-Focused Books

Want to hear some relatable stories from others who have battled infertility? Here are a few of our favorites:

Can I get my hair done during IVF? What about exercise?

IVF Dos & Don'ts Guide

Pineapple Popper 

This silicone sensory toy helps ease anxiety and stress on the go or while in the waiting room. Imagine bubble wrap that never needs to be thrown away! 

"Hope" Sweatshirt

During this challenging two week period of waiting, having a visual reminder to stay hopeful (while staying cozy) can be really helpful - especially on days where you're feeling anxious.

Pineapple Stress Ball

Yep, another pineapple toy. Have to keep it on theme! This "stress pineapple" is the perfect squishy anxiety reliever - one that's even small enough to fit in your purse for fertility clinic appointments!

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You've Got This, Warrior

Whether you're a seasoned IVF veteran like Katie or just about to embark on your very first treatment cycle, these must-have items will help make your journey a little bit more comfortable and doable. 

Looking for holistic mind-body care during your IVF cycle? Check out our fertility counselors, nutritionists, acupuncturists and other resources to learn how we support the whole patient!

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