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National Doctors’ Day | Thank You to Those on the Front Lines

March 30th, 2020 | 2 min. read

By Virginia Hamilton Furnari

Every year on this day, we love to acknowledge not only our own doctors for their hard work, dedication, and passion, but all doctors putting in the hours to make sure their patients receive the best care.

This year, though, we feel like our message needs to ring louder than ever.

Our gratitude for the men and women on the front lines of the COVID-19 pandemic is beyond what we can express with words. It goes beyond simple gestures and well-wished Thank Yous. It’s bigger and heavier than social posts or blogs. While we will still do all of those things anyway, our personal message to all doctors out there right now (probably not reading this because they are caring for the people that need it) is that you’re the ones keeping the world moving forward. We appreciate all you do for us.

Thank You -RMA of CT National Doctors Day

To do our part and make our gesture bigger than words, we provided Connecticut State with our surplus medical equipment that can be used by local hospitals and their employees during this COVID-19 fight. If you'd like to show your gratitude and are healthy and able, here are a multitude of ways you can help your community:

  • Donate food supplies to local food banks
  • Donate blood
  • Donate to charities like the Salvation Army, the Ronald McDonald House, or Direct Relief
  • Purchase gift cards to local business and restaurants to later use
  • Call a neighbor and check on them (that's an easy one!)

In addition to those in the trenches of COVID-19 cases, the doctors at RMA of Connecticut are also fighting the good fight.

Dr. Mark Leondires, Dr. Spencer Richlin, Dr. Josh Hurwitz, Dr. Cynthia Murdock, Dr. Shawn Williams, and Dr. Ilana Ressler, we thank you.

Infertility is a disease that doesn’t just stop with a national pandemic looming over us, so their dedication to their patients and the growing families they’re helping to create in this COVID-19 era is honorable and appreciated by all.

To all the doctors on the front lines, whether they are treating a person fighting coronavirus, a child with a broken arm, or a couple fighting infertility, we want to extend our mightiest “Happy National Doctors’ Day!” to you.

Thank you for all you do.

Virginia Hamilton Furnari

Virginia Hamilton Furnari is Illume Fertility's former Brand Specialist. In addition to helping mold the Illume Fertility brand through blogs, videos, and events, she was also a patient at Illume. Given her professional and personal involvement in the fertility community, she has immersed her mind, body, and soul in family-building education.