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RMA of Connecticut Teams Up with PCOS Challenge to Offer One IVF Cycle Grant

October 27th, 2020 | 7 min. read

By Virginia Hamilton Furnari

One woman with PCOS is about to receive a FREE IVF cycle from RMA of Connecticut. 

Dr. Ilana Ressler explains the grant, how you can apply, and when it will be announced in the video below.

What is The PCOS Challenge Family Building Grant?

RMA of Connecticut has teamed up with The PCOS Challenge Family Building Grant to help patients with infertility caused by polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) build their families and includes a free IVF cycle. RMA of Connecticut is one of only four fertility clinics across the country participating in The PCOS Challenge Family Building Grant. The deadline to apply is November 16th and the grant recipient will be announced December 15th. Grants are awarded once per year.

RMA of Connecticut continues to bring awareness to PCOS sufferers. Last year, during PCOS month in September, RMA of Connecticut created special programming via social media, geared toward college-aged students, and they teamed up with PCOS influencers to spread the word about how to manage symptoms associated with PCOS.

Dr. Ilana Ressler, a reproductive endocrinologist with RMA of Connecticut, conducted an Instagram Live to help spread the word about The PCOS Challenge Family Building Grant.

Dr. Ressler adds, “We are so excited to offer one free IVF cycle to a woman with PCOS through The PCOS Challenge Family Building Grant. PCOS affects up to 15% of women and can be the culprit of many symptoms, not least of which is irregular periods, or no periods at all. Because of this, women with PCOS may have difficulty conceiving and end up suffering from infertility. However, with the help of IVF, we can give these women a much greater chance at building their families. Many women with PCOS go on to have healthy babies, and we are so happy to assist in that.”

What are the Submission Requirements?

Grant submissions should be carefully reviewed to meet the criteria prior to applying. Applicants must include a personal statement (400 – 500 words) and all supporting materials in order to complete the grant application. Applications will NOT be considered if they do not contain the requested supporting materials below:

  • Physician Statement(s) – Letter from applicant’s physician in PDF format confirming applicant’s diagnosis of infertility caused by or related to polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) and that IVF is indicated for the applicant.
  • Photo – Headshot or photo of applicant or couple
  • Video Statement (Optional) – Applicant may provide a short video statement about why she/the couple is applying for this grant (up to two minutes). A link to an “Unlisted” or public video on YouTube or Vimeo may be submitted.

For more information about the PCOS Challenge Family Building Grant, covered services, and eligibility criteria, read here.

Are you ready to apply for the PCOS Challenge Family Building Grant?

Apply Here

Virginia Hamilton Furnari

Virginia Hamilton Furnari is Illume Fertility's former Brand Specialist. In addition to helping mold the Illume Fertility brand through blogs, videos, and events, she was also a patient at Illume. Given her professional and personal involvement in the fertility community, she has immersed her mind, body, and soul in family-building education.

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